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Sep 22-23, 2018
Cub Parent Weekend

Flash Crash Splash Boom - Super Science graphicCub-Parent Weekend

Based on a theme, a fun overnighter for the entire family where meals, activities and FUN are all included!

September's theme: Flash Crash Splash Boom - Super Science!

Discover the microscope with Anton Van Leeuwenhoek and Flick; investigate slime with a life of its own; make your own test tube holder; check out what's on the menu for an owl at the Chouette cafe; experiment with the trajectory of a projectile on the archery or BB gun range and experience the harmonic motion of a tire swing.... All this and more awaits you at the FLASH CRASH SPLASH BOOM - SUPER SCIENCE CUB-PARENT WEEKEND. BE THERE!!!

Sign up for one night of camping or come just for the day. Friends and siblings are welcome!

- theme-related crafts
- games
- archery
- BB guns
- woodworking
- swimming
- competitions
- award-winning campfire program
- meals served from lunch Sat to lunch Sun
- one night of camping
- and more!
What to Bring:
- sleeping bag
- warm jacket
- change of clothes
- personal gear
- swim suit
- towel
- tent
- flashlight

- insect repellent
- pillow & pad
- theme-related song or skit for campfire
What Not to Bring:
- alcohol
- pets

Email confirmation, directions and a schedule of events will be sent a few days before camp.

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