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Car loaded for biking and kayaking tripTour & Activity Plans

Our Council's formal policy on when units need to file a Tour and Activity Plan (“TAP”) is simple and easy to remember: All Pacific Skyline Council units shall file an online Tour & Activity Plan (“TAP”) for each and every outing they take as a unit.

“Outings” include any organized activity which does not take place at the unit’s normal meeting place, and involves movement or travel as a unit.

The Council’s formal policy is simpler and more streamlined than the BSA TAP policy, though it is slightly more stringent. Compliance is not optional, and all other non-conflicting BSA recommendations and requirements for Tour & Activity Plans remain in effect (Sweet 16 of BSA Safety, Guide to Safe Scouting, Youth Protection Training, etc.). Failure to file or follow a TAP could result in preventable accidents or injuries, or even render the activity “unofficial,” thereby voiding otherwise available BSA liability insurance for the protection of unit leaders and the Council.

Pacific Skyline Council’s policy implements BSA’s expressed recommendations that a TAP should be included in preparation and filed for all Scouting activities, and has been in place since May 2012. The formal full policy statement can be downloaded here.

TAPs are effectively a checklist of checklists, which will guide tour leaders through itineraries, travel arrangements, two-deep leadership, leader training and supervision qualifications, safety and transportation. Filed TAPs are a planning and reporting tool, and need not be approved by the Council. There is no advance filing deadline prior to an activity, however units should file TAPs sufficiently early enough that gaps or issues, such as lack of specific training by activity leaders, can be rectified prior to the start of the activity. A submitted TAP is the unit leadership’s certification that appropriate planning has been undertaken, and that all applicable documentary, travel, insurance, and training requirements are met.

Filed TAPs are increasingly being reviewed for quality, reporting, or other oversight purposes, including tracking unit activity levels. For further questions, problems, or issues regarding Tour & Activity Plans not resolved with the online tool, please contact your local District Executive for support. Be aware that some of the information on BSA’s Tour & Activity Plans contained in the Q&A on the website is not current, and that local councils may utilize more stringent requirements for TAPs (which PacSky has implemented). Do not rely upon old downloaded forms or documents, or the stated BSA guidelines about when a TAP must be filed, which will sometimes be inadequate under the Council policy.

File a Tour & Activity Plan here my.scouting.orgExternal Link. After logging in, at the upper-left click "Menu," then "Legacy Web Tools," then "Tour and Activity Plan" (as pictured below). Individual access to Tour & Activity Plan tools depends on your role with a particular unit, and you may require privileges to be established initially. Over time, the tool stores routine information for each unit and leader, so that subsequent TAPs become easier and faster to complete and file.

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