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Facility Rentals

Pacific Skyline Council rents facilities to its members and others.

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We offer several types of campsites. Individual campsites may vary slightly from these categories, so check individual campsite descriptions to be prepared.

  • Wilderness campsites - are a mile or more from the main camp. They have no amenities. They do not have tap water, but may have access to creek water. They do not have a fire pit, so bring your stoves. They do not have a latrine, so be ready to pack out waste.
  • Outpost campsites - are like wilderness campsites except that they have a fire pit and a pit latrine.
  • Regular campsites - are near the main camp. They have a fire pit or grill or both. They have access tap water. They have access to either a pit latrine or a flush latrine. They have tables appropriate to the size of the camp. Some have a food box. Some have vehicle access for special needs.
  • Canopy campsites - are like regular campsites except that they have a dining canopy.
  • Wall-tent campsites - have platforms for wall tents. Some may have electrical power.
  • Special campsites - do not fit into the above categories.
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