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New Boy Scout Rank Requirements Effective Jan 1, 2017

Boy Scout Rank Requirements go into full effect on January 1, 2017. Finish old rank requirements prior to December 31, 2016! On January 1, 2016 new Boy Scout rank requirements went into effect. Scouts registered in their unit on or before December 31, 2015 could elect to continue working on the existing rank requirements, or work to the new set of requirements. Effective December 31, 2016, a Scout who has not completed all requirements for their rank must transition to the 2016 requirements. Be advised that the Scout will not have to "start over." If the wording of a completed rank requirement has not changed and that requirement was signed off on or prior to December 31, 2016, the approval should be transferred to the corresponding new requirement. For Tenderfoot through First Class ranks, this may include approvals that were previously listed in a different rank. If there is a new requirement, or a new element of a requirement, the Scout will have to complete the new requirements or element in 2017. Please note that most requirement changes were made in the Tenderfoot through First Class Ranks, so units will want to concentrate their advancement efforts to these boys during the remainder of 2016.

Life Scout badgeAdvancement

Advancement is an integral part of a quality program, helping young people make commitments to achieve higher goals while building character in the process.

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The Advancement System of the Boy Scouts of America is intended to be an EDUCATIONAL PROCESS that will help a youth better understand and be prepared for numerous life circumstances such as religious commitment, civic responsibilities, leadership, career development, social skills, values, personal ethics, etc. The requirements become more detailed and sophisticated as the youth matures. This is the same experience a young person has as he goes through the educational system in school.

There are strict guidelines that BSA has set forth that need to be followed. In normal circumstances, a boy should do what is required, no more, no less. If the topic piques the boy interest, he will on his own do more than what is required.

As adults, it is our obligation not to shortchange a youth's education or development of skills by allowing shoddy or incomplete work. Please allow a boy to LEARN by requesting that he fulfill all requirements. "All requirements" includes the very important show Scout Spirit which means the boy is living the Scout Oath and Law in his every day life!!!

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