Screenshot of the Google sheet (it's not large enough to be useful, just adds interest to this page)Unit Popcorn Sales Spreadsheet

This online spreadsheet is a handy way to track each Scout's popcorn sales, and it auto-calculates how much each family owes (aqua boxes), helping eliminate discrepancies.

Access the Google sheet hereExternal Link
After opening the sheet, make your own copy by going to "File," then select "Make a copy" to save it to your Google Drive (The sheet is set up for a pack, but you can change it for your troop, crew, or post.)

Want to see a sample of it in use? Click "Sheet 2" tab at the bottom of the sheet.

Key points:

  1. Make sure the order of the popcorn categories matches what's on the paper order form (changes slightly each year).
  2. Share the Google sheet with your unit members (upper-right corner). Make sure the share settings are "anyone with link can edit" (no sign-in required).
  3. Each parent will fill in their info, prize order and # of boxes sold in each category. Make sure to include online sales in the "comments" section.
  4. Make a copy of the Google sheet every few days during the sale period. Since the sheet is editable, there is potential for previously-entered orders to disappear or get over-written. To make a copy click "File" in upper left corner, then select "Make a copy."
  5. The parents enter their sales in the sheet and keep their paper order sheets for their own records.

Thanks to Susan Mah of Pack 128 for sharing this spreadsheet!