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Sep 8, 2018
NRA Range Safety Officer

Range Safety rifleNRA Range Safety Officer Training

This course is designed to give students the basic skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to run a range safely.

Skills learned include Range Safety Officer Roles and Responsibilities, range standard operating procedures, range inspection, fire arms stoppages and malfunctions, range briefings which include emergency procedures.

This course does not allow you to give shooting instruction help.

Class Limits - Adults 21 and older.
Class Size minimum 4 to 24 Maximum.

Lunch is student's responsibility

National Rifle Association is the only one who can issue Certification(s).

Additional Fees are required to be paid to NRA to become a Certified Instructor / Range Safety Officer over and above the course fee.

Completion of these NRA courses does not certify you as an Instructor / Range Safety Officer until you have submitted your application along with the appropriate fees to the NRA and the NRA has reviewed the application and approved the application for certification.

Once approved the NRA will issue your certification credentials. This usually take 6-8 weeks.

Only once you receive your NRA credentials may you train / supervise others in the subjects for which you are certified.

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