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Guidelines for Youth Protection Training

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To confirm, take, or retake Youth Protection Training:

  1. Go to BSA’s new website portal at My.Scouting.orgExternal Link (note the “dot” between “My” and “Scouting”) and sign-in with your same ID and Password used on the legacy website, or click “Create Account” if you are new to Scouting or do not have an existing account.

  2. Once logged in, click on the “Youth Protection Begins With You” graphic on the right side of the screen, or click on “Home”, then “My Dashboard”, and then on the “YPT” tab (if not displayed by default).

  3. View your YPT training history and expiration dates, where you may select and take any of the 3 YPT courses available online.  For Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, select “Youth Protection Training” (Y01).

Having problems with accessing YPT training or accuracy of your training records?

  • Confirm that your existing user profile on the legacy website MyScouting.orgExternal Link (under the “My Profile tab”) is linked to your official BSA Member ID # Number and Council affiliation (“Pacific Skyline Council - Foster City,CA - #031”), both found at the bottom of the user profile under “Membership Info”. This should be marked as your “Primary” affiliation. Update if necessary.

  • If still experiencing problems, please send us a note describing your questions at and we will assist you. We do see issues with data errors in BSA’s or the Council’s records, which we can likely help you resolve.

YPT Shield

Official Pacific Skyline Council policy:

  1. All registered adults must take Youth Protection Training (“YPT”), and then remain current by repeating YPT within 24-months, to participate in Scouting.

  2. New adult leaders and volunteers should be YPT-trained before any contact with Scouts begins.

  3. All registered adults must complete the YPT course applicable to the level of Scouting in which they participate (each level is presented in a separate online course):

    - “Youth Protection Training” (Y01) applies to Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs, and is the first and baseline course;

    - “Venturing Youth Protection Training” (Y02) applies to Venturing, Varsity, and Sea Scout programs, and is the second level course, focusing on issues more relevant to teenage and co-ed Scouts;

    - “Exploring Youth Protection Training” (Y03) applies to Exploring programs, and is the third level of Youth Protection Training, which has some differing rules due to certain unique aspects of Exploring programs.

  4. Special Requirements for Unit Re-Chartering:

    - All registered adults must be current in YPT through the end of this year’s re-chartering period to be eligible for re-registration.

    - Youth Protection Training is current for 2 years from the date of completion.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about BSA’s Youth Protection programs and supporting our priority of youth safety in Scouting.

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