Fingers on laptop keyboard to depict internet recharterUnit Recharter Instructions

2018-19 Unit Recharter Process

Welcome to the Pacific Skyline Council unit recharter instructions. The Boy Scouts of America has provided a very simple tool to accomplish rechartering online, which we ask all units to use.

The Recharter Guidebook below will walk you through the annual process to ensure common errors are avoided. Take your time and read instructions completely. This will help save you time and energy.

LDS Units: Units chartered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will automatically be rechartered. The only action required is to update the roster. Download the helpful Updating BSA Rosters for LDS Units pdf from the Church. To see our eblast to the LDS Scouting units, click hereExternal Link.

Helpful Documents:

Charter Renewal Guidebook - Click to download
This Guidebook provides tips and how to prepare for online recharter.

Charter Renewal Step-by-Step Guide Click to download
Keep this guide handy when you are doing the actual online recharter. Guide includes screenshots so you can know what to expect in advance.

Charter Renewal Checklist Click to download
This checklist tells what is needed to include with the internet recharter printout for submission.

Journey to Excellence Score Card Click to choose your score cardExternal Link

Annual Unit Charter Agreement Download the agreement

New Insurance Fee, $1 per person per month Download the memo


Late October
• Unit Key 3 will receive login information by email

• Thursday, November 1 - Online Rechartering Starts

• Friday, December 14 - All recharters due and received at council office

Recharter is first and foremost about the youth and adults in your unit.

It is our shared responsibility to ensure that everyone who believes that they are registered in the Boy Scouts of America are registered in the correct unit. All of the information collected during this process is vital to ensuring that the Council and our volunteers can serve your unit during the coming year.

Ready to Start the Recharter?

Click hereExternal Link to go to BSA's National Recharter website (starting Thu, Nov 1, 2018)


All new member applications for both youth and adults must be turned in to a Council Service Center the month that the individuals join. Please take all applications to a Council Service Center with appropriate registration fees at least one week prior to logging in and starting charter renewal. This will allow us to process your registrations and have them appear on your internet recharter roster when you load it. You can complete steps 1-3 of the internet recharter while you wait for applications to be processed.

Charters, the Unit Annual Charter Agreement, and Journey to Excellence forms are due on or before Friday, December 14, 2018.

Still have questions? Contact your District Executive:
• Discovery District - Zachary Brown, (650) 242.5902,
• Redwood District - Tom Kenney, (650) 341.5633,
• Stanford District - Steve Smith, (650) 327.5900,